The combination of different rhythms and elements makes LABANA a new and unique sound! The power of the percussions from Cuban Music,
The coolness, groove & beats from Funk and Soul
And the power and the melody from a Blues Rock Guitar…
Merged to create a new and fresh style…

On a live show we’ll bring the heat from CUBA… trust me, we want to touch people, and what’s most important… moving the energy inside them! We want the audience going home thinking… cool, I’ll see them
again, it wasn’t wasted time, I had fun!
Because we have fun, amusing the others so… If you give me an
opportunity…! I’ll get you! don’t miss it!
Dany LABANA Martinez

The Soul of a Cuban Guitar, with CUBA’s Jimi Hendrix …
I have the pleasure to present you one of the greatest musicians I’ve known in my life, he’s a great guitar player that’s mixing the spirit of “Rock
& Roll” and the contemporary music with the “Son Montuno”, a mix between DiMeola & Santana…

Juan de Marcos Gonz.lez – Buena Vista Social Club

A young extraordinary gifted guitar player [Guitarrero] from Cuba, and after hearing and watching him play, it became clear to me that this guy was fusion on two legs, not afraid [and right so] to mix different musical
styles and genres and spice them up with intelligence and poetry.
Dany LABANA is a musical fireman not afraid to extinguish fire with fire...
and boy he can play! If you never had the opportunity to watch him play,
then you simply just should. Fine arts, handcrafted music, all the LABANA
musicians are masters of their instruments and squeeze out the best of
them. One more time he is fusion on two legs and the finest Rappinguitartotingjazzdippler I’ve ever seen… Bravo!